How Does From the Top Make a Difference in Your Life?

Join us this Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022, in sharing your love for From the Top! Your participation will help us create content for a day-long social media campaign.

  1. Download and print this graphic.
  2. Fill in the blank…what word(s) or short phrase best describes From the Top? Write it, draw it, color it!
  3. When you are done, please take a picture with your final product and send it back to us HERE! We would like to have your photos/videos by November 15th so we can use them in our social media campaign on November 29th.
  4. Want to have some fun? Here are some additional ideas:
  • Feel free to be creative with your picture taking. You can simply hold your design, or showcase it in an interesting way next to your instrument, or place it in an unusual setting, the choices are ENDLESS!
  • Feel like talking about it? Show us your sign and send in a video telling us what FTT means to you.
  • Feel like playing something? Place your sign somewhere in the scene and send in a video of you sharing a song that captures your feelings.

Keep it simple or go all out, we can’t wait. Also, don’t forget to share your picture/video on November 29th on YOUR social media (tag @FromtheTopfans and #FTTMakesaDifference) to show your support for From the Top.

We thank you!

Submit HERE!

Any questions? Please feel free to email Jarrod at