Great Videos from Our Iowa Show!

As you can see from Joanne’s On the Road blog, we had a great time in Davenport and Parkersburg, Iowa! It turns out that one of our performers, alto saxophone player Justin Moser, has a father who loves do to video as a hobby. Mark Moser was kind enough to tape the performances from the non-broadcast show we did in Parkersburg and upload them to YouTube for us to share. These performances are the same as the ones that will appear on the Davenport show when it airs next week.

Check out the videos below to see these kids in action. After the videos, read a short story from Mark about why he does video production. The Davenport show airs the week of November 1, check your local listings here.

Here’s what Mark has to say about his hobby as a parent:

Video editing is a fun hobby that provides a nice creative outlet from my surgery administration position at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinic.  Incidentally, it’s also the kind of hobby that easily allows my wife, Lisa, to keep track of me.

For me, photography and videos go hand-in-hand with having busy kids in a wonderful university town like Iowa City, IA.  There are so many great opportunities for music and the arts in our school district and broader community.  Students of all ages and abilities thrive in our public school system and enjoy tremendous support from parents, teachers, administrators, and local businesses.  We’re certainly thankful and understand that these conditions are probably the exception in other parts of the country.

Regarding my personal setup, I use Sony Vegas for video editing software and for equipment I have both Canon and Sony systems.  It can take some time to get the effect I’m looking for, but the post-production software options for both video and still photography these days are vast and can certainly make my final production much better than the original raw version.

My family often tells me that if this hospital administration career doesn’t work out that there’s always a chance that I could make a go with my photography/video skills.  Well, time will certainly tell!