Great News From Natalie Dungey!

You may remember 11-year-old Natalie Dungey on Show #202 in Salt Lake City, where she blew the audience away with incredibly polished sounds from a difficult brass instrument – the trumpet!  If you missed the show, you can listen here and watch a video of her rehearsal the night before here.

We just got an email update from Natalie’s dad and wanted to share the great news. Since performing on From the Top, Natalie blasted full speed ahead and was a featured soloist with Mateo Messina’s “Symphony of a Superhero”, a benefit concert for Children’s Hospital in Seattle at Benaroya Hall.

She didn’t stop there; next she soloed with the Auburn Symphony in February (Trumpeter’s Lullaby) and was paid to play 4th trumpet in the orchestra on the Frank Symphony in D minor and the Accursed Huntsman.

What’s coming up for Natalie? In August she’ll join the Sammamish Symphony and during the first week of December she’ll play with the Auburn Symphony.  There’s even a chance that during Fall 2011 she’ll play an entire concerto with the Auburn Symphony, at the insistence of music director Stewart Kershaw.

Some pretty amazing accomplishments for a young lady who hasn’t entered her teenage years yet!