Get on the Map – Celebrating the Power of Music

We believe that Music is Powerful Stuff and that young people can make an important contribution to the world by sharing who they are and what they love to do. This year we’ve launched a Campaign for Arts Leadership – a national call for compelling stories that will inspire musicians, young and old, across the globe to creatively engage with their own communities.

You’ve already heard about part of this campaign – our Center for Arts Leadership – but today we’re unveiling a second, virtual element.

Over the past decade our radio show has visited 103 cities, where we have met amazing people who are keeping music alive and thriving in their hometowns. We thought it was high time to put these experiences on a map!

This new section of our website features an interactive map of America and casts a spotlight on those across the country who are donating their talents and time to help others experience the power of music. We’ve added our alumni Arts Leadership projects, and now it’s your turn.

We are asking you to help us honor the musical mavens in your hometown – whether they are students, music teachers, seasoned performers, or people just trying to make a difference through music. Tell us their stories and get them on our map! Visit to learn more.