Thank You to Our 2021 Fundraisers and Supporters

This past December, we asked some of our alums, board members, and friends to help fundraise for From the Top. Five extraordinary individuals agreed and set personal fundraising goals.

Their friends, family, and networks raised $17,854 for From the Top!

As a thank-you, our volunteer fundraisers are sharing their gratitude as well as special musical performances below.

FTT Host Peter Dugan

“From the Top has been an important part of my life. I am now the host of the show, but I was first on the show as a young musician in 2007. The mission to nurture and empower the next generation of young musicians remains just as important now as it did when I was first on the show. As you know, we need resources and funding to accomplish our mission. Thank you for donating to my fundraiser for From the Top and providing the support that we need.

Please enjoy my performance of Ziyi Tao’s piece, Hexachords.”


FTT Board Chair Elizabeth Sikorovsky

“Thank you for supporting From the Top. Please enjoy Alum Jeremy Tai’s arrangement of ‘Legends of Korra’ by Jeremy Zuckerman. I love the creativity of this piece, and how Jeremy Tai adapted it to his own instrument, the cello. His love for this gorgeous music shines through.”


Preston Hong

In this video, Preston says thank you, and also performs El último trémolo by Agustín Barrios.


Ella and Emma-Grace Kim




Laura Frye and Carter Miller