Fun with Instrument Swapping at Whelan Elementary

From the Top alumni, Rainer Crosett, a 16-year-old cellist from Andover, MA and Julia Glenn, a 19-year-old violinist currently studying at Harvard University, visited the Whelan Elementary School in Revere, MA on April 15, where they performed for the entire 3rd grade in the school library. Rainer and Julia talked about their instruments, had the students play a guessing game to develop their listening skills, and shared some of their favorite pieces, answering the students’ questions along the way. When one student asked them about the difference between their bows, Julia and Rainer promptly switched bows to illustrate the difference in sound. The performers then took it one step further, trading instruments much to the students delight! As you can see in this video, it was not exactly an easy trade, but they really captured the students attention.

When it was finally time to say goodbye, one little girl exclaimed “Can you come back again tomorrow?” to which another student added “No, can you come back every day, twice a day!”