From the Top in Sarasota: Coping with Stage Fright

DSC_3197After our taping at the Sarasota Opera House this past December, we brought performers Jennifer Kim (guitar), Kaitlyn Resler (horn), and From the Top alum Abe Feder (cello) to meet a dynamic group of students involved in the Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) program at Booker High School. The presentation featured our performers playing some solo pieces and talking about musical experiences, and gave the VPA audience ample opportunity to share their own ideas and questions with the performers.

We had a great discussion on issue of stage fright, talking about ways that we as performers can learn to cope with our nerves. Abe, as the principal cellist with the Sarasota Orchestra, had a ton of fabulous ideas. Check out the video below to see some highlights from our conversation: