Alumni: How to Submit

Dear From the Top Alums:

We launched Daily Joy in 2020 for two reasons: (1) to give alumni a new platform to share their music, and, (2) to provide our community with a daily reminder of music’s unique power to inspire.

Daily Joy continues to thrive and we are thrilled to invite you to submit a video to be featured! All our Daily Joy videos are now shared at as well as From the Top’s Facebook page. Please visit and subscribe!

Each day, we send these bite-sized music videos to our subscribers via email and social media. To date, more than 550+ musicians have been featured and the videos have been viewed over 2 million times.

We’ve included information below as well as the link to submit your Daily JoyIf you have questions, please contact Libby Miserendino at


  • What to Submit

    Daily Joy submissions include a performance of at least 60 seconds. You may also include a brief introduction if you choose!

    • Performance Video: Videos can be as short as 60 seconds (i.e. a section of a work) OR longer (i.e. a full movement or work). You are welcome to submit a new video recording OR a pre-existing recording.
    • Introduction: Include your name, instrument, age, and where you live/where you study. Share the title and composer/arranger and something about the work (i.e. why you enjoy performing it, the story of why it was composed, what an audience might find inspiring/joyful/meaningful about it, etc.)

    *Please submit your performance and introduction as two separate video files.

  • Recording Notes

    Many Daily Joy submissions are recorded at home or in other casual settings. In addition, it is perfectly acceptable to record these on a smartphone or similar device. These videos are casual and personal ways to get to know you.

    • Recording with horizontal orientation is preferred over vertical
    • Please submit your introduction and performance videos as separate files with no text or video editing effects.
  • View Examples
  • How To Submit

    Please submit your video(s) here:

    • Once you’ve submitted please email Libby Miserendino at with the following information:
      • Repertoire
      • Composer/Arranger
      • If applicable, please share the name of your collaborative pianist so that we can credit them properly.
      • Social Media Accounts (if you’d like to be tagged)
      • Feel free to send bio updates for your From the Top musician page which is linked to every Daily Joy