From the Top Alumni Take Beijing by Storm!

Friday, April 6th, began the 2012 Menuhin International Violin Competition, taking place in Beijing. Among the 42 competitors, From the Top was represented by 11 alumni, including:

Among Senior competitors (under 22):

1. Hannah Cho (Show 209/Waimea)
2. Piotr Filochowski (Show 149/Mercersburg)
3. Eric Gratz (Show 177/New Albany & Show 180/Berkeley)
4. Zenas Hsu (Show 161/San Francisco)*
5. Alexi Kenney (Show 200/Wolfeboro)*
6. Eunice Kim (Show 94/Boston)*
7. Anna Lee (Shows 152, 174, 204 & TV)*
8. Kenneth Renshaw (Shows 186, 211 & 228)*

*These competitors have gone on to be in the semi-final round, taking place on Wednesday!

Among Junior competitors (under 16):

1. Alina Kobialka (Show 252/Chattanooga)
2. Jieming Tang (Show 251/Potsdam)
3. Jacqueline Tso (Show 244/Kalamazoo)

Good Luck to all!

Want to see the competition? Click here to view the livestream of the competition. Performances begin at 10:00am Beijing Time!

UPDATE, 4/11/2012: As of Wednesday, from a record number of 238 hopeful entrants to the Menuhin International Violin Competition, 3 out of the 4 finalists are From the Top alumni. Congratulations to Alexi KenneyJi Eun Anna Lee, and Kenneth Arthur Renshaw (Click on the name to see their performance video from the competition!). Also, we wish good luck to Alina Kobialka who’ll be competing on Friday in the Junior Finals! Click here to see more competitor videos!

UPDATE, 4/17/2012: The results are in! In the senior competition, From the Top Alumni received First, Second, and Third place! Congratulations to all of the competitors!
1st place: Kenneth Renshaw
2nd Place: Anna Lee
3rd Place: Alexi Kenney
4th Place: Siyan Guo