Election Day Playlist

As we all take a deep breath today, I thought I’d share some music to help us get through whatever lies ahead.

Music can be a soothing balm or an ecstatic outburst of joy; and in the hands of our young musicians, great music-making is always a source of hope and inspiration. I encourage you all, especially our alums, to make your voices heard today!


If you need a smile…

Watch this cover of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” that I made remotely with my friend and From the Top Co-Host Charles Yang during the early weeks of quarantine.

If you need to dance…

Watch what happens when this young saxophonist from Texas puts down his horn in the middle of a From the Top concert for school kids in Los Angeles.

If you need peace…

Bask in Massenet’s tranquil “Méditation” from Thaïs performed by a teenage violinist and From the Top co-host Orli Shaham.

If you need some hope…

Watch the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus’ incredibly hopeful performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from just weeks before we entered lockdown for the pandemic.

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