Daily Joy: Simple Gifts with Black Violin

Daily Joy: Simple Gifts with Black Violin

We can’t think of a more fitting piece than “Simple Gifts” to share on Thanksgiving, and we’re certain you’ve never heard a version like this one!

For today’s Daily Joy, enjoy a group of talented young musicians alongside the critically acclaimed duo “Black Violin.”

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About Black Violin

Will B. and Kev Marcus, Black Violin, met while attending the famed Dillard High School of the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they were trained in the classical tradition. During their class and practice time, they developed firm classic techniques, and in free time listened to hip-hop and rhythm and blues. The duo pairs classical music with hip hop, defying stereotypes, and inviting musicians to engage in an extraordinary musical exploration. Inspired by jazz violinist Stuff Smith’s 1965 album Black Violin, the duo chose their group name. Black Violin plays over 200 shows a year worldwide and places heavy emphasis on educational outreach, performing for more than 100,000 students in North America and Europe in the past 12 months.

Guest Artists Black Violin performed February 14th, 2018 on Show 350 in San Antonio, Texas. They performed “Simple Gifts” by Aaron Copland alongside a group of talented young musicians.

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