Classical Guitarist Chaconne Klaverenga Receives Her Own Concerto from Cleveland Baroque Orchestra’s Rene Schiffer

Renowned classical guitarist Chaconne Klaverenga premiered the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra by Rene Schiffer earlier this month, a performance the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra commissioned for her.

Chaconne most recently performed a piece set for her in a sold-out concert with the Lafayette Symphony. Photo courtesy of

Klaverenga, who appeared  on Show #194 in Buffalo, New York at age 16, received the piece as a gift from Mr. Schiffer (a member of Cleveland Baroque Orchestra’s ensemble Apollo’s Fire) and performed for over 1,000 people in a sold-out concert.

Since performing on From the Top in 2009, Klaverenga has also been featured in American Public Radio’s Performance Today, honored by the Indiana State House of Representatives, and named first-place winner in numerous competitions.

She has also performed numerous solo concerts across her home state of Indiana, including a performance in the Purdue Convocations Discovery Concert Series.

We’re happy to hear Chaconne is doing so well as she studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music!