Arts Leadership Spotlight: Phuong-Nghi Pham

Phuong Nghi Pham at piano

Pianist Phuong-Nghi Pham, from Dorchester, MA, was 14 years old when she wrote a letter to Dr. Carol R. Johnson, Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools District, appealing for a spending increase on the city’s musical education programs for the following school-year budget. The letter was part of Phuong-Nghi’s Arts Leadership project, associated with her receipt of the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist award in 2009.


  • What: An appeal to the Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools for more support for school music programs.
  • When: Spring 2010
  • Goal: To raise awareness on the importance of music education for our youth and to share her personal journey and successes thanks to the presence of music in her own life.

In a time when there are many difficulties and hardships in life, music is one of the things that can comfort and give us the courage to keep going. Not only that, young musicians like us will be able to share this gift by inspiring others and enriching the world through our music-making!” —excerpt from Phuong-Nghi’s letter

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