Arts Leadership in St. Paul, MN

After every radio taping, the performers come together for the Arts Leadership Orientation to explore how they can use their talent and passion to make a difference in their communities and the world.

The performers on the St. Paul show named themselves the “Louisasota Zirths” – a play on the two states represented (10 performers from MN, 1 from LA) and the names of two inspiring teachers. They decided to choreograph their group photo and video around the piano, which was only fitting since it was a piano-themed show. Check out On the Road with Joanne Robinson for more info about the show.

The St. Paul Performers

Check out their group video:

Here are some of their thoughts about arts leadership, captured during a group writing exercise:

Arts Leadership is…

“Recognizing that music is a web that connects people together no matter how far apart they are. We may not be able to communicate our feelings through words, but two people from completely different parts of the world could walk away from a concert feeling the same way about it. I guess instead of saying music doesn’t have a language barrier, it would be better to say that it bridges the language barriers.

“I have organized concerts to raise money for building schools in Afghanistan. I have done this for six years and with the money raised, a school actually has been built in one of the most dangerous provinces of Afghanistan. So now the girls can feel safer and appreciated.”

“Our trio put (a benefit concert) together for Haiti – it was really fun, plus it felt great to contribute to people’s lives in such a big way.”

“Reaching out to kids who don’t have the same opportunities that we do and trying to do what we can to make those opportunities accessible to others. You can learn a lot about yourself through teaching and get better and better at working with kids.”

“Becoming involved in the community and inspiring people to appreciate the arts.”

“Taking a stand- supporting your ideas and dreams with action!”

The performers also created individual leadership maps, charting their past experiences, future dreams and the leadership qualities most important to them.

Be sure to tune in when their show airs the week of October 4th to hear more from these inspiring arts leaders!