Arts Leadership in Opelika, AL

From the Top taped a radio show this week in Opelika, AL at The Opelika Center for the Performing Arts. With a wide array of talent and a house filled near-capacity, the taping was a huge success! Our five performers joined us bright and early the morning after the show for our Arts Leadership Orientation, where we explored the number of ways young artists can make a difference using music .

After participating in a silent conversation activity we call “Chalk Talk” (pictured above), our group generated the following definitions for arts leadership:

  1. A healing power; helping people who need music most
  2. Giving opportunities to others to experience the arts
  3. Giving people a chance to hear real music
  4. “Not just about being the best musician; it’s about helping people with your music” (quote from arts leader Ben Werdegar, whose story was an inspiration for our performers).

After naming themselves “The Opelika Stars,” our group filmed a short, fun film to introduce themselves and share their message on arts leadership. Check it out below!

For more information on the show, check out this week’s On the Road with Joanne Robinson. Be sure to tune in the week of March 7th to hear their show when it airs! Broadcast times can be found here.