Arts Leadership in Boston, MA

From the Top’s Arts Leadership Program empowers young artists to make a difference in their communities through what they love to do most: music. This past Monday, seven performers from our Boston taping joined us for the Arts Leadership Orientation, where they explored what Arts Leadership means to them. Every show presents a different cast of characters, and this dynamic group gave itself the name “Bosstland”: a play on the city and country of their origins (Boston + Iceland).

Performers participating in a silent writing activity

Here’s “Bosstland’s” definition of Arts Leadership:

  1. Bringing people together: old, young, poor, rich, natives, and foreigners
  2. Music can’t be taken away or segregated once it’s given.
  3. Leaving something more for someone else

At the end of our 3-hour session, we asked the group to film a 30-second clip to share their message for arts leadership and to capture their team spirit. Check it out below!

To learn more about the show, check out this week’s On the Road With Joanne Robinson, and be sure to tune in the week of November 15th to catch their show!