Arts Leadership in Baton Rouge, LA

From Brass to Class!

This week, From the Top traveled to Baton Rouge to tape a radio show at Louisiana State University’s College of Music and Dramatic Arts. Our ten young artists brought a variety of genres and personalities to Tuesday’s show, and gave an unforgettable performance! Six of the ten joined us the following morning for the Arts Leadership Orientation to reflect on how music can produce a positive change in society. The group named themselves “From Brass to Class”, bringing together classical music with that of the Louisiana Brass Band tradition.

After sharing a number of wonderful ideas in an activity we call “Chalk Talk” (or silent communication through writing), they group established that Arts Leadership is:

  1. preserving cultural music for younger generations (of all cultural genres)
  2. cultivating the universal language of music in everyone
  3. opening minds

As a thank you to LSU for hosting the show, the performers also chose to celebrate the spirit of the LSU Fighting Tigers in their group video. Check it out!

To learn more about the show, check out On the Road with Joanne Robinson, and be sure to catch the  show on the air the week of December 13th!

Go Tigers!