Are You a Musician? New Survey Asks How You’re Making Money

Attention working musicians and composers! The non-profit Future of Music Coalition (FMC), a national organization dedicated to “education, research, and advocacy for musicians,” just released an online survey for musicians and composers regarding how they make money from music. We are helping FMC spread the word as they want to reach a wide range of artists across the music landscape.

Image from Future of Music Coalition website

The survey is part of FMC’s Artist Revenue Streams (ARS) project, which also assesses the revenue of musicians through interviews and financial studies. The ARS research project investigates the revenue sources of all types of musicians, from Nashville songwriters to hip hop emcees to classical musicians!

“By participating in this survey, musicians are taking part in something much bigger than simply providing data; they are helping us take a critical first step in understanding the complex nature of being a musician or composer in the digital age” said Project Co-Director Kristin Thomson. Thomson said that there have been radical changes in the creation and distribution of music, and wonders how these changes have affected musicians’ ability to earn income from their work.

The online survey is at and is open until October 28, 2011. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!