Alums Hailey Markman and Tim Callobre Collaborate

Tim on From the Top in January, 2007

We just got wind of a cool From the Top alum collaboration. Soprano Hailey Markman (Show 209 in Waimea, Hawaii) got to know guitarist Tim Callobre (Shows 090 in Lubbock, Texas and 150 in Malibu, California and From the Top at Carnegie Hall) after a From the Top fundraiser in Los Angeles, and they ended up producing a song together!

Titled “Vai,” this song is a classical cross over and was produced by Marco Marinagneli, co-written by Marco and Tim, and sung by Hailey. Marco is a Grammy-nominated Italian composer, songwriter and producer, and has worked with Hailey in the past. As Tim also has a desire to compose, it was a great experience for him to work with Marco.

This is an incredibly beautiful song, and you can listen to it by clicking the link below.

Vai by Hailey Markman and Tim Callobre