Alumni Updates from Neara Russell

We just received some updates from pianist/composer Neara Russell, who appeared on Show 132 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Neara graduated from Berklee College of Music this year with a dual degree in Composition & Piano/Voice Performance. She has been a featured soloist in the Berklee Performance Center, Steinert Hall, Institute of Contemporary Art, Agganis Arena, and Jordan Hall, and will be among the first graduates to complete the flagship Piano/Voice program.

In 2009 Neara was awarded an ASCAPlus Award for her extensive concert schedule of original works, including the premiere of her orchestral work “Relativity” by the Tatuí Conservatory Symphony of Tatuí, Brazil.

Neara was also a featured composer in new releases by Manchester Music Library, and is currently producing a full-length solo album of original pop/rock songs.

You can keep up to date with Neara and listen to her music on her website.