Alumni Musical Mavericks!

This week’s radio show is a special “Alumni Musical Mavericks” episode where we hear from several From the Top alums who have continued their music and done some really cool things. The show includes a violist who hosts her own exciting radio show in New York, an award winning composer, a concert pianist and more.

Below we’ve listed the performers and repertoire. There’s also a link to a full article so you can read more about their musical careers (which are pretty impressive!)

Cellist David Requiro performs Sonata for Cello and Piano, Mvt. 1 by Claude Debussy. David originally appeared on Show 078 in Boston, Massachusetts in January 2003. Click here to read more about David.

Violist Nadia Sirota performs Etude 1A by Nico Muhly. Nadia originally appeared on Show 022 in Lake Buena Vista, Flordia in May 2000. Click here to read more about Nadia.

Pianist Tanya Gabrielian performs The Lark by Mikhail Glinka arranged by Balakirev. Tanya originally appeared on Show 019 in Boston, Massachusetts in May 2000. Click here to read more about Tanya.

Composer and pianist Timothy Andres performs the Night Jaunt. Timothy originally appeared on Show 084 in Rockport, Maine in April 2003. Click here to read more about Timothy. This is also a cool article on Timothy’s debut CD, Shy and Mighty, released this year from Nonesuch Records.

Composer and guitarist Tim Callobre performs Fuerza. Tim originally appeared on Show 090 in Lubbock, Texas in October 2003. Click here to read more about Tim.