Alumni Form Touring Band and Education Program

This summer, two traveling alumni dropped by the From the Top headquarters in Boston to say hello, and found themselves giving an impromptu concert. Ross Mintzer (Show #125), saxophonist and guitarist, and Mike Thurber (Show #s 125 & 142) , double bassist, were on their way to Vermont to play a show as dynamic duo Remington.

Having recorded their own original music and completed a cross-country “family tour” this summer, Ross and Mike have certainly kept themselves busy since being featured on From the Top in 2005! Ross and Mike met in high school at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and went on to study at the Manhattan School of Music and the Juilliard School respectively. In college, they were inspired to focus on creating and sharing their own music with new audiences and began playing as the duo Remington, named for their mentor Dave Remington. Musically, the duo is influenced and inspired by a broad spectrum of sound, integrating elements of rock and roll, folk, hip-hop, European classical music, and jazz into their songs.

What separates Remington from other bands is their commitment to music education. They are not only sharing their vision through performance, but also assisting a new generation of young musicians with their in-school workshops and touring day camp.

At Remington’s clinics, students learn about composing, performing and recording music in a collaborative, hands-on environment. All clinics end with a student concert and/or recording.

Remington also has a summer camp for middle and high school age students. They give lessons ranging from reading music to covering styles from hip-hop to rock. At the end of the week, students put on a concert performing the music of their choice.

Mike and Ross wrote to us after their visit:

Hello to everyone at From The Top!

It was an enormous pleasure to visit/perform for all of you the other day. We greatly appreciate you taking time out of your work schedule to hang with us. We finished our show in Vermont and are now on our way to Chicago for a gig tonight. remingtonhands

Mike and Ross (Remington)

It’s been almost five years since they were featured on the radio show, and they sound better than ever! Go to to learn more!