From the Top Visits Lexington School

On Friday, February 6th, 2009, 19-year-old violinist, Julia Glenn, and 16-year-old cellist, Rainer Crosett, visited the Community Therapeutic Day School in Lexington, MA.


Rainer and Julia at Community Therapeutic Day School

Julia and Rainer introduced their instruments and each played a solo piece before joining forces in a duet. All of the students, ages 5 through 12 were present, and they were a great audience. The students were full of energy and interesting questions. Many of them were bouncing in time to the music and playing “air violin and cello” as Julia and Rainer blazed through the final variation of the Handel-Halverson Passacaglia. Julia later said, “It served as another priceless reminder of how touching music can be, especially to those who have not had much previous exposure to it.” Here are some examples of the thank you cards the students sent From the Top: