R. Berred Ouellette

Meet Berred

Berred has won numerous awards for sound production in music and film over the course of his career. In addition to From the Top, he is also Sound Designer and Post Production Supervisor for the Hayden Planetarium at the Boston Museum of Science; and Re-Recording Mixer for Trillium Studios film production company.

Berred brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his work with music and film, drawing on many years of experience as an independent sound designer in a wide variety of venues and productions. He helped to pioneer Surround Sound in its infancy and continues to develop new concepts today.

He has engineered and produced soundtracks for film, record labels, television and other media, including art, science, and history installations. His work incorporates sound effects, ambient noise, and the music of many genres from jazz and classical to folk, rock, and ethnic.

In addition to his work for other clients, Berred has also been active in teaching and mentoring students at the Center for Digital Arts, Tufts University, Massachusetts College of Art, From the Top and Berklee College of Music.

A comprehensive listing of Berred’s production projects can be found on Linkedin and IMDb.