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How to apply: Soloists and Composers

How to apply: Soloists and Composers

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page. Follow instructions to sign up and register for an account on SurveyMonkey Apply
  • Once you’ve completed registration, navigate to the “Programs” page
  • Here, you can select the type of application you would like to submit. If you are not applying for the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, and are not applying with a small ensemble, you should select “Soloist/Composer/Large Ensemble Application.” For more information on applying as a small ensemble, click here. To learn about applying for the Young Artist Award, click here.
  • On the second page, select “Soloist” or “Composer” as your application type. If you are a completing an application on behalf of a large ensemble, click here for more information on how to proceed after you select this option.
  • Fill out the rest of your application.

a. Complete “Contact and family information” page
b. Complete “Contact and family information” page
c. Complete “Music information” page
d. Complete “More about you” page
e. Complete “Essays” page
f. Complete “Arts leadership” page
g. Complete “Demographic information” page

  • Review your application and check for errors
  • Upload your repertoire list, headshot, and any additional documents you may want to include using the “Document Uploads” page
  • Upload at least two audition recordings using the “Let’s hear you!” page. Please see our Application FAQs for more information on selecting your audition recordings.
  • Pay your application fee ($70 USD) by clicking the “Start” text to the right of the “Application fee” text. Use the Stripe system to enter your debit or credit card for payment
  • Submit your application. Please note: clicking the “Submit your application” button will finalize your application and you will no longer be able to edit any information