How to apply: Small Ensembles

How to apply: Small Ensembles

The leader of the small ensemble will begin the application process by clicking on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page. They will complete the main portion of the application, in which they’ll identify additional members of the small ensemble. Once additional members have been listed, they will receive an email to register as collaborators, and complete their small ensemble member application. Please note that all small ensemble member applications will be visible and editable by all members of the ensemble, so it is up to the group to determine which form belongs to each member.

  • Sign up for an account on SurveyMonkey Apply
  • Once you’ve completed registration, navigate to the “Programs” page.
  • Select “Small Ensemble Application.”
  • If you, or a member of your group, are interested in applying for the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, please refer to the How to apply: Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award page once you’ve completed the steps for your small ensemble application.
  • The following steps should be completed by each ensemble member on their respective collaborator forms:

a. Complete “Contact and family information” page
b. Complete “Education information” page
c. Complete “Music information” page
d. Complete “More about you” page
e. Complete “Essays” page
f. Complete “Small ensemble information page 1”
g. Complete “Small ensemble information page 2”
h. Complete “Arts leadership” page
i. Complete “Demographic information” page

  • Attach your group’s photo, repertoire list, and other applicable documents in the Document Uploads task.
  • Attach at least two audition recordings in the “Let’s Hear You!” task.
  • Click “Save & Exit.” You’ll be returned to the status page
  • Review your application and check for errors, ensuring that each member’s application is to their satisfaction.
  • Any member of the group should pay the application fee ($70 USD) in the Application Fee task. Use the Stripe system to enter your debit or credit card for payment
  • Submit your application. Please note: clicking the “Submit your application” button will finalize your application and you will no longer be able to edit any information