How to apply: Small Ensembles

How to apply: Small Ensembles

The leader of the small ensemble will begin the application process by clicking on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page. They will submit the application and pay the application fee for the group. Once they have identified additional members of the small ensemble and their application has been submitted each member will receive an email to register, and complete a “Member of a small ensemble application”

  • Sign up for an account on FluidReview
  • Once you’ve completed registration, click the “Get Started” button
  • You’ll arrive at a page that shows your application status. Click “Start” to the right of the “Fill out your application” text
  • On the first page, fill out your applicant information and under “I am applying for” heading select “NPR’s From the Top” or “Both” the radio show and Center for the Development of Arts Leaders (CDAL). Please note: applicants to “Both” the radio show and CDAL must live within 25 miles of Boston during the academic year
  • Under the “Application type” question select “Small ensemble.” You’ll also be prompted on this page to enter your instrument or voice type
  • You will be asked if you are interested in applying for the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. If you believe you are eligible for the Young Artist Award, please click “Yes” and refer to the How to apply: Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award page once you’ve completed the steps for your small ensemble application
  • Select your instrument or voice type

a. Complete “Contact and family information” page
b. Complete “Education information” page
c. Complete “Music information” page
d. Complete “More about you” page
e. Complete “Essays” page
f. Complete “Small ensemble information page 1”
g. Complete “Small ensemble information page 2”
h. Complete “Arts leadership” page
i. Complete “Demographic information” page
j. Complete “Upload your audition media” page

  • Click “Save & Exit.” You’ll be returned to the status page
  • Click the “Start” text to the right of “Add small ensemble member 2” text to enter the name and email of your second small ensemble member
  • Repeat previous step for any additional small ensemble member
  • Review your application and check for errors
  • Pay your application fee ($70 USD) by clicking the “Start” text to the right of the “Application fee” text. Use the Stripe system to enter your debit or credit card for payment
  • Submit your application. Please note: clicking the “Submit your application” button will finalize your application and you will no longer be able to edit any information
  • Follow up with your additional small ensemble members to make sure they complete their “Additional small ensemble member application” as your ensemble application will not be considered without complete applications from each member of the ensemble