Team RadioWAVES at Roland Hayes

The Roland Hayes School of Music has amazing facilities, an impressive collection of instruments, and passionate, gifted teachers, but is hardly known within the Boston Public School system. The radioWAVES team worked to raise awareness about the school as a citywide resource, build an audience for their annual concert series and empower the school’s aspiring musicians.

In an effort to empower the Roland Hayes students with a vision for a future in music, radioWAVES organized special events, recruited guest artists, and shared their own musical talents and experiences.

One of these special events was a live taping of From the Top at NEC’s Jordan Hall, during which the Roland Hayes students had a chance to meet performers on the show.

In a video message created afterwards, one of the students remarked, “You guys were simply exquisite. I liked how you all took pride in how you played – it was inspirational. It shows how kids nowadays can be interested in music.”