Show 178 | Newport News, Virginia

Recorded: Thursday, May 15, 2008

 From the Virginia Arts Festival in Newport News, Virginia, a 17-year-old baritone sings Handel, a 15-year-old cellist plays Mendelssohn, and a teenage saxophone quartet from Chicago plays piece that really "cooks."

Performers and repertoire: 


Priscella Chan, piano, 16, from Arcadia, CA performing Desperate Measures (Paganini Variations) by Robert Muczynski

Elliott Hines, baritone, 17, from Sugar Land, TX, a Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist, performing “Sì tra I ceppi” by George Frideric Handel

Brendon Elliott, violin, 13, from Newport News, VA performing V. Rondo Allegro (est. 4:00 w/cuts) from Symphonie Espagnole by Édouard Lalo (1823-1892), accompanied by Christopher O’Riley, piano

Jennie Brent, cello, 15, from New Haven, CT performing Song Without Words in D major, Op. 109 by Felix Mendelssohn 

What’s Cookin’ (saxophone quartet) from Midwest Young Artists in Chicago performs Quartet for Saxophone, III. With Vigor by Elliot Del Borgo. The quartet features Amanda Peterson, 18, soprano saxophone from Ingleside, Illinois, Mira DeJong, 17, alto saxophone from Oak Park, Illinois, Kateri Tumminello, 18, tenor saxophone from Lindenhurst, IL, and Joshua Plotner, 15, baritone saxophone from Northbrook, Illinois