Powering From the Top into the Future

Leading technology companies Cisco Systems and Drobo have come together to build a stronger future for From the Top. They are helping From the Top revamp our technical infrastructure so that we can celebrate and support the next generation of young musicians and expand audiences for classical music for many years to come.

"From the Top's business is changing. They used to be just a radio program and now more than ever they're really operating in a huge global theater where you've got video, streaming audio, podcasts, social media – all the things that are changing the way that everyone works and lives and plays," says Joel Conover, Senior Director of Industry Marketing at Cisco. "Their new infrastructure allows them to reach audiences in ways that they simply couldn't before."
We are incredibly grateful to Cisco and Drobo for their guiding expertise throughout our network rebuild and in helping connect us with the best technology on the market.
"From the Top is a wonderful organization. They do so much, not only for the kids, but for all the listeners everywhere in the world. Every time I have an opportunity to tune in, I think, there's From the Top, and I know in the background, that Cisco is powering them into the future," says Joel Conover.