Hopeful Connections at musiConnects

"This program gave me a lot of opportunities to lead the charge — like being able to develop the kindergarten music program, that was fantastic!" - Nash Ryder, Class of 2011 Arts Leader

At Chittick Elementary School in Mattapan, arts leaders Anna and Nash shadowed the Boston Public Quartet and aided in their after-school chamber music program called musiConnects, whose mission is to create social change through chamber music.

Anna and Nash had the opportunity to observe and take part in every aspect of running a non-profit organization including marketing, fundraising, teaching and much more. They also planned and performed their own benefit concert to support musiConnects, raising over $700.

In addition to working with the students that are part of the musiConnects afterschool program, Anna and Nash regularly visited two kindergarten classrooms to introduce all of the major instrument families and build the students’ interest in studying music. They managed all aspects of the program - creating the curriculum, teaching classes and bringing in guest artists. As a result of their work, one of the classrooms is creating a “music center” as a permanent workstation.

The teacher noted, “Anna and Nash were immediately able to connect with the kids on an appropriate level. Even specialists have trouble doing that sometimes!”

Perhaps one of the less obvious rewards of their work was being able to walk down the hallway and hear, “Anna! Nash! I know you! Are you coming to see us today?”

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