Highlight Show 017 | Recorded in Studio

Recorded: Monday, November 1, 2010

This week, it’s our Alumni Musical Maverick show featuring performers who have appeared on our program over the past ten years, and who have gone on to do adventuresome things in music. You’ll hear from a violist who hosts her own exciting radio show in New York, an award winning composer, a concert pianist and more!

Performers and Repertoire:

Cellist David Requiro, 25, performs Sonata for Cello and Piano, Mvt. 1 by Claude Debussy

Violist Nadia Sirota, 27, performs Etude 1A by Nico Muhly

Pianist Tanya Gabrielian, 27, performs The Lark by Mikhail Glinka arranged by Balakirev

Composer and pianist Timothy Andres, 25, performs the Night Jaunt

Composer and guitarist Tim Callobre, 17, performs Fuerza